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Berkeley tour

We went up to Berkeley yesterday and took a guided tour of the campus, well we actually only caught the last third so i am going to try and convince steve to go back sometime for the rest. it was amazing and beautiful and soaked in history. Even the sports rivalry they have with stanford had great stories. Something about an axe head being stolen back and forth between the two teams for years before it was finally made the trophy of the major game they play between the two of them each year. and a statue of their best coach being distracted by a forest nymph statue and that was why the teams was doing so badly. so they had the nymph moved so he couldnt see her and then the team did better. I would really love to go there. Steve really likes it there as well. The campus is serene and alive with students at the same time. even on a summer sunday which would be the most dead time of year. the library by itself was enough of a reason to go. it was like the palace of Olympia grandiose marble columns and big wooden doors. and there were so many trees. breath taking niches carved out by the little creek, strawberry creek, that runs through the center. I loved it. We are planing to go to stanford next weekend for their tour and hopefully it will be just as good.

We also have a video coming of our little day trip to Point Reyes. it just has to be edited and we will get it up here.



Oh oh i is a genie-us

that is a link to our my maps thing

very exciting


We're here!

Well today, some two weeks after ripping off the comforting band-aid of Denver, I actually feel like we live here. Not that unpacked could really describe our current living situation. Sure the things in boxes are now strewn about the floor and stacked in precarious piles lining the walls of the lining room, but organized or put away they are not. The most exciting story of our cross country adventure? We got two flat tires on the car trailer in the same day... oh yeah and in the same tire. The first flat happened in the middle of the day in the middle of the Nevada desert. It was great fun. For the second we had access to a bed and cold water so that was a blessing. I have been trying to figure out how to add a link to my new Google my maps thing that shows where we live and Steves work and the bike trail and stuff but i haven't got it down yet. So heres to the beginning of a new adventure and a new blog.

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